MTA Western NC Goes to Mountain Moral Monday

August 21, 2013

On August 5, MTA affiliate members traveled to Asheville to participate in the first of the "Forward Together" continuations of Moral Monday events after the General Assembly adjourned its 2013 session. Moral Mondays had met for 13 weeks in Raleigh to protest the regressive actions of state legislators. Hundreds of non-violent participants had chosen to be arrested for civil disobedience . At Asheville's Pack Square Park the crowd nearly equaled the largest of the earlier Raleigh protest. Rev. Barber, NAACP president spoke at length as movingly and fiercely as ever. As seen in the photograph, MTA paraphernalia carried our message to many that day.

On Wednesday, August 28, we will be in attendance at yet another Forward Together movement event-- this time in commemoration of the fiftieth anniversary of the 1963 March on Washington. We are urgently hoping to have our NationBuilder database up and working by then -- a crowd from whom we can get immediate signatures on the MTA petition is expected. Wish us well!