February 8, 2014

In the past months this affiliate has joined allied individuals and area groups in two significant actions—to create the Jackson County Branch of the NAACP and to participate in the HKonJ (Historic Thousands on Jones Street).
National media estimated that we were among 80,000 plus who traveled on five buses from Asheville to NC’s capitol building in Raleigh. There we joined concerned citizens (this was the seventh time on the second Saturday in February) to demand from the Governor and General Assembly those rights that have not been addressed. The first years a Democratic Governor was its object. This year the demands were to rescind regressive bills passed that have withdraw gains made in the past — on education, on Medicaid expansion, against cuts in income for the poor and tax cuts for the wealthiest among us; against voting rights removed and/or made difficult, against bills that allow hydraulic-fracturing—even a bill that states than no law can be passed locally which carries weaker restrictions or stronger regulations than those passed by these state officials.
Rev. William Barbour, President of NC NAACP, challenged NC state officials to be compassionate, to return to the precepts of admirable Republicans. Naming many like Lincoln, he declared, “You are not Republicans like these [giants]!”  He listed a multitude of wrongs--more than those mentioned above--and asked the legislators to rescind them; urged them to “repent.” Finally he spoke to and inspired the all-inclusive crowd (as to issues, age, gender race, religion, etc.): We have just begun and We Will NOT Move-One-Step-Back. This rally was declared the opening rally for the 2014 Moral Monday Movement.



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