National Day of Action on Ten Year Anniversary of Citizens United

January 21, 2020

Activists and grassroots organizers across the country mobilized for a national day of action to call on their representatives to take action against corporate power. January 21, 2020 marks ten years since the disastrous Citizens United vs FEC Supreme Court decision, a moment that opened the floodgates to money in politics and activated a new movement to eradicate corporate power in American democracy.

For ten years, Move to Amend has been organizing communities across the political spectrum to pass local and state resolutions and initiatives and lobby elected officials to advocate for the 28th amendment to the US Constitution, the We The People Amendment. The amendment, House Joint Resolution 48 (sponsored by Washington representatives Pramila Jayapal), abolishes constitutional rights for corporations and money as protected political speech. Jaypal is joined by 67 colleagues in the House of Representatives in her support for the 28th amendment. The We The People amendment will be introduced in the Senate early this year.

The success of the We The People Amendment is due to the tireless work of grassroots volunteers educating and organizing their communities through a variety of campaigns and direct actions like the ones coordinated on January 21st. Activists organized sit-ins, rallies, film screenings, and lobby meetings with representatives who have yet to co-sponsor the We The People Amendment in the second wave of escalations since August. Organizers say they will continue to turn up the heat demanding action against corporate rule.

Jessica Munger, the Move to Amend Coalition’s Program Director said about the actions, “It’s time our representatives make it clear, bold, and brave - are they on the side of We The People, or billionaires and their corporations? “

Move to Amend is training organizers for mass civil disobedience this Spring and organizers say they’re ready to take risks to let their representatives know they’ve had enough of unchecked corporate power impeding solutions to climate change, healthcare, and other important issues.

For more information, contact Jessica Munger by email at jessica [at] or by phone at 530.591.2513