March 22, 2014

The Mta Affiliate Colaition in Western NC staged its first of several showings of Josh Fox's GASLAND PART II, in the Community Room of Jackson County's Regional Library on Saturday, March22.  These efforts are spearheaded by one member whose property lies above the Murphy Base, identified as potential subject of future hydraulic fracturing exploration. MTA leaders made sure the crowd connected the already successful persuasion of Corporate influence to get the NC Assembly to vote in favor of Fracking in North Carolina.

A Clean Water of NC representative began the evening with a fact-driven presentation about the history of  hydraulic fracturing's beginnings in NC (compared with states like PA and WY and OH). Sally Morgan ended showing the effects on our environment and its far-reaching outcomes such as loss of property values and banks refusing to approve mortgage loans on property abandoned by "'fleeing-after-being-fracked" property owners! The movie Gasland Part II was the feature of the night.

A new banner was displayed below the screen throughout the evening aimed with the intention of impacting attendees at the subliminal level. Each logo on the banner belongs to a company that is directly involved in some aspect of the fracturing industry -- some very local!  Handouts highlighted the specific connections to the logos displayed. Allen spoke to the 28th Amendment as the best remedy to end the power of corporations systemic corruption of our elections, our environment, our food supply, our voting rights, racist and gender oppression.

Garrett is in touch and coordinating with other area groups, also educating about fracking in many upcoming events in WNC.




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