New Hampshire Campaign: Framing the 2016 National Election Now

Tuesday, October 1, 2013 to Monday, March 31, 2014

2016 Presidential candidates are already visiting New Hampshire, soliciting support for their campaigns due to the state having such an early primary.

We have the opportunity to make ending corporate personhood and getting big money out of politics central to the next national election.

We will do that in three ways from October 2013-Spring 2014:

1) Pass Move to Amend resolutions in 30-50 New Hampshire towns through town meetings this spring. This will put our issue out in front of the public and the media.

2) Target Presidential candidates directly. Everywhere they go, we will be there, asking whether they support our amendment to the Constitution. This is called Bird-dogging and it gets our issue into the campaign discussion and public spotlight. Not many will soon forget Mitt Romney's "...but corporations are people, my friend" gaff which happened because Move to Amend activists targeted him at an Iowa state fair.

3) Start local Move to Amend groups. We have 150+ groups across the country but none yet in New Hampshire. Time to turn that around!

Do you live in New Hampshire and want to get involved? Click here to sign up to volunteer. Or contact Olivia Zink, our NH Organizer at nh [at] (subject: Move%20to%20Amend%20NH%20Campaign) .

The time is now and there is not state better positioned to make a difference in the campaign to amend the Constitution to get big corporations out of our politics and big money out of our elections. Move to Amend will be on the ground to take advantage of this opportunity -- join us!

If you support this forward-thinking campaign, please make a donation to support our work in New Hampshire.