Move to Amend Kane

Date Established: 

January 2012

We are the local Move to Amend affiliate in Kane County, Illinois.  In 2013 Illinois became the 14th state to call on Congress to pass an amendment to the Constitution that says corporations are not people and money is not speech.  We joined other organizations to form a coalition to accomplish this.  Our MTA works tirelessly to overcome the takeover of our democracy by corporations.  We are working to stop fracking in Illinois.  Our precious water is being used wastefully by corporations to acquire more natural gas while they pump dangerous chemicals into the earth.  Privatization of our schools by corporations needs to be stopped too.  There are many problems.  We work with Move to Amend to right these wrongs.  The support, organization and education that is provided by Move to Amend national helps us to push back on the problems caused by corporate rule.  Please join us because it will take grassroots organizations to change our country.  Bottom up organization to push politicians to work for we the people.


Move to Amend Kane

January 29, 2014

Move to Amend Kane County is fighting to stop Fast Track for the TPP--Trans-Pacific Partnership because this treaty will send jobs overseas, create an even worse trade deficit and hurt the poor and middle class of this country.  It's about U.S.

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