Mentor Move to Amend

Date Established: 

March 2013

The local Move to Amend affiliate for Mentor, Ohio.


Mentor Move to Amend is dedicated to strengthening democracy and increasing
transparency in our government.  We feel that monetary donations have skewed
politics in a negative manner by obscuring individual's rights.  We are a
grassroots non-partisan group whose members reflect the cultural and ethnic
diversity of Mentor


Press Coverage

Greg Coleridge - Activist, Move To Amend

July 19, 2017

"The problem isn't that the government is broken," Greg Coleridge says, whipping out one of many activist slogans he's been repeating so long they're inextricably threaded into the fabric of his speech. "It's that it's fixed."  

"Fixed as in rigged," he says, leaning in, making sure the message is clear. Coleridge's central issue is corporate power and the insidious effects of money in politics. He is a man who has known that corporations aren't people since long before Citizens United.

Move to Amend

July 5, 2014

Former US Representatives Steven C. Latourette and Dennis Eckert will be featured participants from 7:30 to 9:30 PM July 15 for a panel discussion sponsored by the Mentor Move To Amend organization.

Greg Coleridge, who directs the American Friends Service Committee's  work for political justice in Northeast Ohio and coordinates Move to Amend Ohio, also will be part of the panel.

Initiative Petition Appears Headed to Mentor Ballot

February 3, 2014

Mentor voters could see an initiative petition on the November ballot that takes issue with a U.S. Supreme Court ruling regarding the federal Campaign Reform Act.

A Mentor affiliate of a national coalition, Move to Amend, appears to have enough valid signatures to submit to electors a proposed ordinance instructing the city to inform federal and state elected officials that voters “want a constitutional amendment ending constitutional rights for corporations and overturning the legal doctrine of money being considered equivalent to speech,” the MTA website says.