2017 Democracy Convention

Democracy Convention III: August 2-6, 2017 ∙ Minneapolis, Minnesota

More than one conference, the Democracy Convention houses many conferences under one roof. As the great progressive reformer Fighting Bob La Follette said, "democracy is a life," and "involves constant struggle" in all sectors of society. With the Democracy Convention, we recognize the importance of each of these separate democracy struggles, as well as the need to unite them all in a common, deeply rooted, broad based, movement for democracy.

Democratizing the Constitution Conference

The U.S. Constitution provides the basic framework for how our government is structured, and defines the relationship between the federal government, the states, and all people within the United States. Any movement that wants to make systemic and fundamental change in this country -- and that takes itself seriously -- must grapple with the fact that the United States is not currently a functioning democratic republic.

The Constitutional Reform Conference at the 2017 Democracy Convention provided space for attendees to discuss, debate and strategize how to ensure that the growing U.S. democracy movement takes itself seriously enough to attempt to write our political and cultural victories into the governing law of this country.

Click here to see the full conference program, including descriptions, or check out the specific sessions below (links to handouts and materials included below as well).

Conference Sessions


A new movement -- a democracy movement -- was born in the streets of Seattle on November 30, 1999. This movement's early years were not easy. Pro-democracy organizers faced crisis after crisis: the stolen presidential elections of 2000 and 2004; the militarization of America that followed September 11th; the destruction of the Gulf Coast in the aftermath of Katrina; the Supreme Court ruling that corporations wield constitutional rights to buy elections; and today, an economic crisis that is being used to impose fiscal austerity and corporatization schemes on our states and people.

Through these difficult struggles, the new democracy movement has taken form, expanded, and matured. The first Democracy Convention, held in August of 2011, was an incredible "coming of age" celebration for the U.S. democracy movement. The second Democracy Convention was held in Madison in the summer of 2013, and hosted some of the most brilliant minds and inspired organizers in the democracy movement. Join us at the third convention. It's time to take more risks and to begin to win the victories that make another world possible.

Democracy is coming . . . to the U.S.A.