Santa Clara County Move to Amend

Date Established: 

January 2012

The Santa Clara County Move to Amend affiliate is located in San Jose, California. 

We are an active group that meets regularly on the first Wednesday of each month.

Meeting starts at 7:00pm. Feel free to join us at 6:00 for socializing and pizza. (Click Events above the header for all local events in Santa Clara.)

We look forward to seeing you there!


Judith Wells-Walberg, Affiliate Coordinator

santaclara [at]

(408) 294-9250


The California Resistance Calls for an End to Corporate Rule

August 23, 2017

At a contentious California Democratic Party Convention in May that saw ideological conflicts between an entrenched establishment of privileged professionals and an emergent grassroots progressive insurgency, there were two notorious doctrines that delegates across the board nevertheless agreed to come down firmly against: the fiction that "corporations are people" and the related fallacy that "money equals political speech".

Press Coverage

Prop 59 Supporters Seek To Eliminate 'Corporate Personhood' Via Constitutional Amendment

September 14, 2016

A national effort supporters say would amend the U.S. Constitution to eliminate "corporate personhood" came to downtown San Jose this afternoon, where supporters gathered to push for the passage of a measure on the November ballot that could lend the state's support in making the change. 

About 30 people stood outside the Old Courthouse at the corner of North First and West St. James streets where they kicked off their campaign for Proposition 59. 

Prop 59 will aid fight against Citizens United

August 19, 2016

Many thanks to The Mercury News for their editorial supporting Proposition 59 ("Corporations are not individual people," Editorial, Aug. 18).

As written, very importantly, Proposition 59 is an advisory to legislators that focuses on both corporate personhood (corporations are not people) and reversing the Supreme Court decision on Citizen's United (money is not speech).