The Problem

On October 14, Senator Bernie Sanders released the boldest anti-corruption plan of any candidate so far - by a longshot. We could not be more excited about:

  • Ending the influence of corporations over the Democratic National Committee (DNC)

  • Banning advertising during presidential primary debates

  • Instituting a lifetime lobbying ban for former members of Congress and senior staffers

Birddogging 2019-2020

Move to Amend is Getting Out There To Birddog This Election Season!

Candidates will be on the road and we're going to be making sure they know that passing the #WeThePeopleAmendment is a critical issue that they need to take a stand on. 


What is Birddogging?

Bird dogging is a tactic where we go to where the candidates and elected officials are and get them on record answering our questions about the issues that matter to us.

Pledge To Amend 2019

Target candidates for local, state and federal office to get their positions on record per the We the People Amendment and make this an election issue. Get 350 Pledge to Amend signups (at least 50% of candidates elected on election day).


Build Solidarity with Unions this Labor Day

Labor Day is a terrific opportunity for Move to Amenders to make personal and issue connections with members of labor unions.

Many fundamental rights and protections of working people (e.g. the weekend, 8-hour work day, collective bargaining, end of child labor, employer-based health coverage, workplace safety) came into being because working people organized powerful movements that created positive change.

Since Move to Amend is also organizing a powerful movement to create real change -- our constitutional amendment to abolish corporate rights and money considered free speech -- connecting with labor unions and the working people they represent makes perfect strategic sense. 


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