500,000 Signatures

Help us collect support from half a million Americans by December 31, 2019!

Collecting petitions is an effective outreach mechanism. It helps spread the word and educates more and more people about our campaign.

Pledge To Amend 2018

Target candidates for local, state and federal office to get their positions on record per the We the People Amendment and make this an election issue. Get 300 Pledge to Amend signups (at least 50% of candidates elected on election day).


October Call Your Congressman!

Our Move to Amend Leaders will be in DC meeting with our congressmen and asking them to take action to support our version of the 28th Amendment.  Please give them a call.  If you already make call on other issues, add this to them as our amendment will help disolve barriers to making progress on our top issue.

Ask your representative to sponsor or support HJR 48.  Ask your Senators to introduce a companion bill to HJR 48.

Portman (202) 224-3353

Brown (202) 224-2315

Constitution Day 2017

Each year, educational institutions which receive federal funding must provide programming on the US Constitution around September 17th, Constitution Day. This provides Move to Amend an opportunity to get into schools and make connections with educators, administrators, and students. We encourage Move to Amend supporters and affiliates to reach out to their contacts in schools as well as make new contacts with local schools and offer to provide materials or present material to students yourself!


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