Constitution Day 2016

Each year, educational institutions which receive federal funding must provide programming on the US Constitution around September 16th, Constitution Day. This provides Move to Amend an opportunity to get into schools and make connections with educators, administrators, and students. We encourage Move to Amend supporters and affiliates to reach out to their contacts in schools as well as make new contacts with local schools and offer to provide materials or present material to students yourself!

ACTION ALERT: Stop the Trans-Pacific Partnership

Although numerous organizations and individuals numbering in the hundreds of thousands have expressed their opposition to the TPP, a deal was reached on October 5 and the full details released on November 5.  

Negotiated in secret among trade representatives for 12 nations and over 500 multinational corporations, this agreement will affect over 40% of the global economy -- yet is completely removed from any semblance of a democratic process.

Once the formalities are achieved, and the president announces he will sign, the deal becomes public and Congress has 60 days to vote it up or down—no amendments. Washington insiders believe the earliest the deal can move forward is April 2016.

Tell your members of Congress to vote NO on the Trans-Pacific Partnership!

Happy Birthday to The Oldest ‘Person’ in The World!

Oldest 'Person' in the World Turns 129!

Did you know that May 10, 2015 marks the 129th birthday of corporate persons?

That’s right—more than a century before Citizens United v. FEC, the Supreme Court first recognized corporations as people with Constitutional rights in Santa Clara County v. Southern Pacific Railroad on May 10, 1886. Move to Amend is marking the occasion with some light-hearted fun to drive home the point that corporations are not people.


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