Not 99%...Yet

May 31, 2018

Today is the last day of May, the day we hoped to close our May Day funding campaign. We started with an appeal for $150,000 on May 1 and gave ourselves a May 31 deadline, understanding that if we couldn't raise this sum, then perhaps we were kidding ourselves about our viability.

We have until the end of the day to reach our goal; we still need to raise $21,727 by midnight (HDT).

If everyone reading this email chips in, we can still reach our goal. Click here to contribute.

Large donors look at viablity as well. Five days ago, five Move to Amend supporters challenged us to raise $40,000 in small donations in one week; in return they will match every dollar up to $40,000. If we succeed, we meet our $150,000 fundraising goal and prove that Move to Amend remains a viable growing concern on all fronts.

Your contribution now doubles in value thanks to this challenge pledge, a $50 contribution becomes $100. Please contribute here.

Our viability has been tested, and right now we're in that grey zone balancing work performance against financial vigor. We've raised enough to stay in the game -- that's for sure. Phew!

If we don't meet our goal though, we'll be spending more time raising money and less time organizing, at the very moment in history in which all hands should be on deck. 

We know that our supporters can help us get the remaining pledge money still left on the table. Please contribute now during this pledge challenge to double the value of your gift and help us meet our funding goal on time.

We'll settle for 99%, if it means that tomorrow we can get back to building the democracy movement and passing the We the People Amendment! Click here.

With great respect for the work you do,

Kaitlin Sopoci-Belknap
Move to Amend National Director

P.S. Your donation is doubled if you give by the end of the day. Help make sure we don't leave any funds on the table. And then please ask your friends and family to join you in pitching in as well!