November 30, 2014

MoveToAmend-Whatcom November Report

The following events/activities occurred on November:
1. MTA-Whatcom joined WAMEND as an affiliate and will take part in Steering Committee discussions via conference call.  The first such meeting attended by conference call was on November 5, 2014. 
2. Members of our group attended a workshop presented by Represent. Us.  It was informative about this organization devoted to ending corruption in government and passing the American Anti-Corruption Act (AACA). This workshop followed a tabling event at Western Washington University, informing students of this organization and getting sign-ons for the newsletter.
3. MTA-Whatcom held one planning meeting on this month.  We are still clarifying our roles and direction.
4. MTA-Whatcom co-hosted with Public Citizen and Represent.Us the movie Pay2Play.  About 75 people attended this showing.  We had money stamps for attendees to enjoy!
5. A member of MTA-Whatcom took part in the affiliate conference call on November 18, 2014.  It was a first time experience for this member and she found it to be enlightening, informative and somewhat overwhelming!
6. Two members of MTA-Whatcom had a work session to look at resources on the MTA web site, explore a useful thread with the goal of forming a “speakers bureau” to take our message out to the community.



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