Move to Amend Brookhaven

Date Established: 

February 2012

The local Move to Amend affiliate, Brookhaven, New York.

 In order to achieve our long term goal we need to begin mobilizing, educating and involving folks in our community to join the movement. We hope to get your support to help facilitate and pass a  resolution in the Town of Brookhaven.

Move to Amend Brookhaven welcomes diversity in our group, as we want a true reflection of our community. Our commitment to non-violent activism is of utmost importance to building our movement. We have joined forces with Americans across the nation by affiliating with Move to We invite you to join us.

                                                                         Our Mission
The mission of Move To Amend Brookhaven is to generate effective grassroots support for the passage of a 28th Amendment of the US Constitution, by taking peaceful and respectful actions that advance civil discourse and promote working together at the civic, town, county, state and federal levels of government.  We are committed to educating, mobilizing and involving the public about the need for this initiative and working with like-minded organizations.





MTA Brookhaven in Newsday

November 30, 2014

Brand: National effort to curb rampant political spending has grassroots on LI


For the past six months, postal worker Steve Lupo literally carried out-of-control political spending -- in the form of countless campaign mailings -- on his shoulder as he made deliveries on his Shirley postal route.

Press Coverage

Money threatens plutocracy

September 18, 2012

I agree with the letter "Taking money out of politics" [Sept. 11]. While the writer's solution -- shortening campaigns to one or two months -- is worthy of consideration, there is another: a 28th amendment to the U.S. Constitution. This amendment would settle the legality of corporate personhood and the concept that money is speech by reversing the Citizens United decision.

Without such a definitive action, the very existence of our democracy stands in jeopardy. We stand to become a plutocracy, a country in which the wealthy class rules to the exclusion of the masses.