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Daniel Kron, noted New York attorney, joins the rest of America is standing against Citizens United. In that decision, America's Supreme Court decided that independent political payments by corporations deserve the same protection under the First Amendment as individuals.

Needless to say, that decision has been controversial. But it needn't be.Corporations are artificial constructs and are not entitled to First Amendment rights.

Rational Americans understand the vast monetary resources being thrown at political campaigns and the hits America's election has taken.

Mr. Kron has serious concerns and firmly believes the responses to those concerns must be consistent with America's commitment to freedom of speech.

Mr. Kron supports a meaningful change in the method of public financing meant to help produce a level playing field for each candidate. He supports the idea of carefully drawn rules of disclosure and supports boundaries on campaign donations.

While some may claim campaign finance rules can be written to preserve legitimate political speech, experience has shown that money always finds an outlet. The endless search for loopholes creates a new target for regulation and contributes to cynicism about the political process.

We must recognize the blending of politics and money predates Citizens United and won't disappear if Citizens United is overturned.

Mr. Kron is an expert in a particular legal niche. He is well versed in legal language and experience. He can identify problems in the case against you.

Legal proceedings can be scary as well as confusing and expensive. By developing an innovative attorney/client relationship with Mr. Kron, you will get personal answers to complicated legal challenges.

Mr. Kron doesn't over-promise and under-deliver. He works to get the best reasonable outcome with the unique circumstances of your case. With years of representing defendants in New York City and across the state, he knows how to provide the help you need.

Regardless of your particular circumstances, Mr. Kron is a seasoned attorney who can often get the penalties against you reduced, negotiated or dismissed altogether.

A reduction in fines might make your checkbook happy, but remember that reducing your driver's license points also helps avoid a variety of situations which range from higher insurance rates to a suspension on your license.

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