Oak Grove Presbyterian Church

Oak Grove's Core Values

- Remembering our rich history
- Serving the local and global community
- Working for justice and peace
- Growing multi-culturally
- Welcoming all; Open and affirming
- Seeking to follow Jesus wherever the Spirit leads

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Adopted April 2016:
Resolution to Support An Amendment To The Constitution of the United States

Whereas, the Session of Oak Grove Presbyterian Church, Bloomington, MN believes in the “worth and dignity of every person,” and in the “the democratic process”; and

Whereas, free and fair elections are essential to democracy; and

Whereas, unlimited corporate spending drowns out the voices of individuals and jeopardizes our democracy; and

Whereas, a 28th amendment to the Constitution is needed to overturn Citizens United and eliminate both corporate person hood and money as speech.

Therefore be it resolved, that Oak Grove Presbyterian Church endorses support for The Move To Amend constitutional amendment to establish that corporations are not persons and money is not speech and urges the Presbytery of the Twin Cities Area to request member congregations to consider
Move To Amend.

Bloomington , MN
Supporting Endorsement