October 17, 2014

Toledo Move to Amend is seeking volunteers to help get our issue on the ballot to allow Toledo voters to support a constitutional amendment establishing that corporations do no have the rights of natural persons and money is not speech.

We are halfway through October and there are still lots of petitioning opportunities on the horizon (calendar attached).

Two big ones we wanted to get some help with include the upcoming Saturday afternoon Rockets football game on October 25th.  Tailgaters will be filling the parking lot between 11 AM and 2 PM (game time) and we need lots of volunteers to gather up petition signatures in that parking lot.

The second big opportunity and call for volunteers is Election Day, Tuesday, Nov. 4th.  Whether you work or have the day off, everyone can pitch in by collecting signatures at your local polling place before 8AM, at the lunch hour, and after 5PM.  SERIOUSLY, we can collect a lot of signatures at the polls.  Everyone there is a Toledo registered voter, after all.

Check out the attached list of high-traffic polling locations.

CALL or EMAIL to let us know what you can do.  Getting signatures now in the nice weather is a whole let more pleasant than doing it in the dead of winter.  So let's make hay while this beautiful outdoor weather lasts!

If you can't help with these events, petitioning can be very productive at library branches, local commercial areas, senior centers, motor vehicle registries, and the Lucas County Jobs and Family Services office at 3210 Monroe Street, and (my favorite) the downtown bus stops!

If you can't volunteer a lot a time, consider an hour here and there.  Every little bit helps!



toledo [at] movetoamend.org