November 12, 2014

MoveToAmend–Whatcom is regrouping after working on the Initiative (I-1329) to get Money out of politics and End Corporate Personhood.  That initiative failed to get the required number of signatures for the ballot.  We are, however, committed to carrying on with this fight for Democracy.

The current steering committee of about 12 people have taken the month of October to regroup, putting in some structure for our process, catching up with the current situation while at the same time planning some relevant actions for the future.

• We continue our alignment with WAMEND, our Washington group. 
• We are currently involved in elections, helping to elect progressive candidates into our 42nd legislative district.
• A member of our committee joined the Pledge to Amend campaign and got commitments from several candidates.  We also encouraged them to speak out about reversing Corporate Personhood and they have done so at all forums.
• We wrote letters to the editor about Move To Amend and three have been published in local papers.
• We have aligned with www.Represent.Us.org to promote the American Anti-Corruption Act (AACA) and are hosting TWO screenings of the documentary film “Pay 2 Play”.
• We are starting a reading group and hope to use the curriculum provided by MTA on the web site.  We will also read George Lakoff “Don’t Think of An Elephant – new issue” to learn more about messaging.
• As we educate the public about Corporate Personhood we will continually seek more members to join our group and build alliances with other local grass roots groups.



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