Ohio Supreme Court Rules in Favor of We the People

October 2, 2012

The Ohio Supreme Court yesterday ruled in favor of the citizens of Brecksville and their citizens initiative. The ruling defies a challenge by the Mayor and Council of Brecksville to keep the issue off the ballot this November. The Court affirmed the decision of Secretary of State Jon Husted who last month ruled that the citizens of Brecksville should have the right to vote on the initiative.

The initiative calls for (1) the creation of a "Democracy Day" once every 2 years for residents to speak at a public hearing about the impact of political contributions by corporations, unions, and Super PACs, and (2) having the City advise their state and federal leaders that Brecksville citizens voted in support of a Constitutional Amendment declaring:
- Only human beings, not corporations, are legal persons with constitutional rights.
- Money is not equivalent to speech and, therefore, can be regulated.

Brecksville now joins Newburgh Heights as having ballot measures in line with the Move to Amend comprehensive call to not merely overturn the Citizens United decision (which would merely return us to the "glorious" democracy of our nation of 2010) but to end the legal doctrines that corporations are people and money equals speech.

Brecksville and Newburgh Heights citizens now hit the streets to educate voters between now and Election Day to vote in favor of Issue 25 and 69 respectively. The slogan in Brecksville is "Keep Democracy Alive, Vote YES on Issue 25!"

If you live in or anywhere near Brecksville or Newburgh Heights and can spend a couple of hours dropping off leaflets door-to-door, email ohio [at] movetoamend.org