Our Ballot Initiative Status - On the Final Leg!

June 12, 2015

Thanks to everyone who petitioned, tabled, and supported our petitioning and outreach efforts last weekend. We collected over 850 signatures and we have topped 8,000 total. AWESOME! Thanks to Carole Jambard-Sweet, Marilyn Bernstein, Tony Szlyage, Andrew Myers, Jamalat Abuhajar, Charles K Steele, Bob Abbenzaller, Monika Perry, Aaron Harder, Dennis Slotnick, Amjad Doumani, Anita Rios, Josh Eppert, Marcie Wahba, Delores Whitman, and Greg Lyons

It's tough to follow up a great performance like last week, but we have to remember that this is a marathon and we need to muster all our energy for the final kick over the next four weeks. So gird your strength and follow up this weekend by collecting signatures at the following events: