Our Six Point Plan

September 19, 2013
Octavia Logan

Instead of tackling the issues from one direction we have a six prong approach to getting Dallas up and running.

Here is the plan
1. Volunteer Deputy Registrar ( We need volunteers)
2. Voter’s registration /Voter education (the curium for the education has already been written and there is some training involved before you are set loose. You will be helping people with the new voter laws and obtaining a DPS ID if needed. This is one way we get our petitions signed.
3. Representative Visiting (We need to build the groups that will be talking to reps we have already mapped out the districts and rep on each level. You are more than welcomed to go at talk to your rep on your own. I do myself,  just let us know what the outcome it) 
4. Resolution Building (if you feel that your skills and talents would be better served working on that please contact asap. This will be something that we can put in the hands of those who are going to talk to our local officials)
5. Civic Education (working with the Dallas Peace Center this group is closed. We will be going to Houston on Saturday to present this to a group that will be doing it there. This is also how we educate people about corporate person hood and have them sign our petitions. Our goal here is to build viable voters. Educate them on how the system work and make them aware of the issues so when they are ready to vote they are able to make better decisions. The curium is in English and Spanish.
6. The Colleges: We are hitting the colleges hard this year. Our New College liaison Dennis Fiveash is on the Southeast campus of Tarrant County Community College. I will be stationed at Eastfield College a member of Dallas Community College system. We have gotten access to most of the universities all ready, still working on some of them.

We also need contact people who live in different areas of DFW. As a contact person; as a group forms around where you live you would be the one to give out information and help guide them.

Please join us at http://www.meetup.com/Move-To-Amend-Dallas-Texas/
You may contact me at octalogic102 [at] yahoo.com



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