Pass a MTA Ballot Initiative or Resolution in YOUR Community

November 12, 2014

Move to Amend is on the move in Ohio!

With landslide ballot victories in Mentor (70%) and Chagrin Falls (66%) last week, a dozen Ohio communities have now passed either city council resolutions or ballot initiatives* in support of a constitutional amendment declaring only human beings, not corporate entities, are persons and money is not equal to political speech. 

Hundreds of communities across the nation have done the same. A grassroots democracy movement is growing.

Persons of all political ideologies are increasingly disgusted by the amount and influence of money in elections and the power of corporate entities to shape public policies on scores of issues detrimental to their lives, communities and nation. They see Move to Amend as one tangible strategy to not just REact, but PROact.

Needed is much more pressure from many more communities from the Ohio River to Lake Erie for fundamental democratic change. More than a half-dozen communities^ across the state are either working on or exploring taking action in 2015. How about YOUR community?

Move to Amend Ohio is here to help with information, organizing assistance, names of others who’ve signed the MTA petition in your area…and, or course, encouragement!

As more money from the superrich and corporate entities increasingly corrupts the political process, (y)our voice and power calling and working for fundamental change must also dramatically increase˚

Join the chorus. Take charge. Work with others. Make democracy real. 

Let us help you launch an effort in your community to end corporate “personhood” and money as speech. Contact ohio [at]

Thank you!

*Resolutions: Athens, Oberlin, Fremont, Barberton, S. Euclid, Lakewood. Initiatives: Brecksville, Newburgh Heights, Defiance, Cleveland Heights, Mentor, Chagrin Falls

^Toledo, Shaker Heights, Stow, S.Euclid, Oxford, Cleveland, Berea 

˚Ohio is fortunate to have the right of the grassroots initiative and referendum, thanks to the 1912 Constitution. Citizens of many other states don't have access to this means of direct democracy. We need to use it!