Pledge to Amend Campaign Update

October 26, 2016

Although the attached media release has gone out, we encourage candidates to sign the Pledge to Amend as the website will continue to be updated so that voters can be informed before going to the polls.

All candidates running for the Minnesota Senate and House have received a letter asking them to complete the Pledge to Amend questionnaire.  Those who have responded can be found on the Move to Amend website at

If you do not find a response from the candidates in your area, please give them all a call to let them know how important democracy of, by and for the people (not corporations and other legally constructed entities) is to you.  Ask them to complete the questionnaire at

Refer to the attached list of cosponsors to our bill.  If they have not signed remind them to do so.

If you do call the candidates in your area let us know by email so that we can focus on districts that have not had this follow-up work done.

For more information about the Minnesota Pledge to Amend campaign please contact Barbara Gerten at minnesota [at] (link sends e-mail).