Pledge To Amend Results: St Paul School Board Candidates

November 24, 2015

Originally posted on October 27, 2015

Pledge to Amend for School Board Candidates

We conducted a survey of all Saint Paul School Board candidates and asked them to respond to our Pledge to Amend:

I support amending the U.S. Constitution to make clear that corporations and other artificial entities do not have Constitutional rights and that money is not speech and campaign spending should be limited through regulation. I will use my office to support the Movement to Amend the Constitution by publicly speaking out and educating about the need for this Amendment.

YES - Pledges and Responses

    Keith Hardy
    "If a big-money individual or group tries to use their financial capital to determine school curriculum or otherwise impact student learning by requiring that instruction occurs a certain way or with certain materials, I will speak out against that.

    I will vote No to any proposals or consent agenda items that indicate an undue financial influence by a big-money corporation or individual.


    Scott Raskiewicz
    "The first step in any form of human progress is to define and understand the problem and help others understand the problem. I fully understand the problem. Over a dozen years ago I wrote the book, “Economic Democracy: Ending the Corporate Domination of Our Lives.

    I became aware of the problem of corporate domination over 40 years ago while reading the book “Global Reach.” Since then the power of corporations has grown exponentially. Every public problem in our nation and world, and most private problems, is caused by or exacerbated by destructive and unaccountable corporate behavior.

    In running for school board I’ve focused on the ROOT CAUSES of the problems facing our schools and our society. I've been told repeatedly that talking about ROOT CAUSES of problems is not the role of the school board. But I am not running for school board to become a compliant bureaucrat content to make minor improvements to the status quo. I am running for school board to help change the world and there is no better way to do this than to restore corporations to their original purpose – – to serve the public good – – and to get big money out of politics.

    I will never stop working to create a humane, authentically democratic society. The corporatization of education, healthcare, politics, and the media has been a disaster for our nation. Moved to Amend provides hope for all who believe in democracy and as a school board member I will support it in every chance I get.


    Mary Vanderwert
    I want to make sure that all students in St. Paul Public Schools have accurate, unbiased, complete education about government, democracy and human rights.

    Steve Marchese
    I will work to educate the public in my community about the importance of keeping big money out of politics, as well as testing and privatization of public schools.