Preparing for the Total Eclipse of Corporate Rule

August 22, 2017
Since ancient times, solar eclipses have inspired awe, and it's no different now. Yesterday's solar eclipse inspired millions of Americans to travel into the zone of totality to witness it first hand. We wish them safe travels home!
If we think of the moon as emerging fascism and the sun as authentic democracy, an eclipse of an entirely awful nature has been occurring for many decades in our democratic republic.
At Move to Amend, our job is to inspire millions to join our Campaign to Legalize Democracy, and we're looking for volunteers.
While none of us can control the movements of celestial bodies, most of us have control over our own. When we unite as one, We the People have the size and the power to build a movement for democracy, pass the We the People Amendment, take corporations out of government and put them back into the economic orbit in which they belong. We have the power to create the democracy we want, but only if we get ourselves organized.
Except for our small team of underpaid staff, Move to Amend is an all volunteer organization. Our affiliates, national committees and the Board of Directors perform the lion's share of work as unpaid volunteers. Whatever skills you possess, we need them. If you want to learn some new skills, we can provide an avenue for you to learn.
To succeed in our total eclipse of corporate rule, we need volunteers like you! Sign up here.
We are flexible. Whether you have one hour a month or five hours a week, we have ways you can help build a democratic future for every American. The constant chaos created by the Trump administration is meant to destabilize, distract, and desensitize us. A proper way to respond to the onslaught is to get active -- very active -- creating an authentically democratic society.
The solar eclipse's zone of totality plunged parts of the U.S. landscape into darkness, but it was over in just a few minutes. This nation, however, has been mired in the zone of totality in the corporate eclipse of our democracy for far too long, and it will require human bodies, not celestial ones, to push this nation into the light of real and authentic democracy.
No matter what your most important issue is, there's a corporation between you and the solution to the problem. Just like all is dark in an eclipse's zone of totality, all issues that concern We the People are darkly shadowed by corporate rule. If corporate rule isn't your first issue, please make it your second issue.
We need your help to shine the light of democracy on the corporate eclipse engulfing our nation. Some of your time and skills is all we ask. Will you help us create a permanent eclipse of corporate rule? Volunteer here!