Movement to Amend Constitution Converging in DC this Week

Thursday, May 5, 2016

For Immediate Release: Thursday, May 5, 2016

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Movement to Amend Constitution Converging in DC this Week

Coalition Leaders Calling for Congress to Pass “We The People Amendment”

(WASHINGTON, DC) - Grassroots and National leaderships of the Move to Amend Coalition will gather with partners in Washington next week to launch the first national Move to Amend Leadership Summit. The Leadership Summit will be held at the National 4-H Conference Center in Chevy Chase, MD, May 6-9, concluding with a National Lobby Day to pressure Congress to overturn Citizens United and end corporate constitutional rights by passing the We the People Amendment.

The Leadership Summit will feature keynote speakers within the Coalition as well as other sectors of the United States democracy movement, including author and activist Frances Moore Lappe and a video address from lead sponsor of the We the People Amendment, Congressman Rick Nolan (MN) and author and television host Thom Hartmann. Grassroots volunteers and supporters will participate in trainings, workshops and strategy sessions.

“Our organization began with 12 visionaries in a living room in 2010. We are getting larger, stronger, and better organized every day,” said David Cobb, outreach director for Move to Amend National. “But what is really driving our success is the growing awareness of the people that only a mass movement can create the peaceful, just, sustainable democracy we need.”

Move to Amend is a national coalition of over 400,000 individuals and thousands of organizations working to pass a constitutional amendment to make clear that Constitutional rights belong to human beings only and money is not protected speech under the First Amendment. Their We the People Amendment was introduced as House Joint Resolution 48 in the US House of Representatives on April 29, 2015.

The Coalition will also publicly unveil their ten-year strategic plan for passing the We the People Amendment. Monday, May 9th, will be Move to Amend’s first We the People National Lobby Day where volunteers will meet with Congressional staffers and a delegation will visit Capitol Hill to ask for support for House Joint Resolution 48. “As May marks the 130th anniversary since the corporate Robber Barons convinced the Supreme Court to construe the 14th Amendment to apply to their corporations, we gather before our politicians in D.C. with one message: enough already,” stated Move to Amend national director Kaitlin Sopoci-Belknap. “Cases like Santa Clara County v. Southern Pacific in 1886 and Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission in 2010 cannot be allowed to stand. After 130 years, we move to amend our Constitution to end the farce of corporate constitutional rights and money as political speech.”

Summit schedule can be viewed at Media representatives must register in advance by contacting Keyan Bliss at (317) 902-8399 or press [at] Advance interviews available.

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