Sierra Club Endorses Move to Amend

Friday, January 27, 2012


CONTACT: Kaitlin Sopoci-Belknap, info [at], (707) 269-0984

This week the Sierra Club officially endorsed the Move to Amend coalition, a national grassroots campaign to amend the Constitution to abolish corporate personhood and establish that money is property, not free speech. With more than 64 chapters and 1.4 million members in the United States, the 120 year organization is a widely respected leader in environmental conservation.

Regarding the endorsement, Sierra Club Conservation Director Sarah Hodgdon said, "While our board passed a resolution about Citizens United last year, Move to Amend offers a framework for our volunteers to take action."

The endorsement comes in the wake of increased interest to support local Move to Amend initiatives among many local Sierra Club chapters. "We could not be more exited about the endorsement," said David Cobb of Move to Amend. Currently, more than 25 states have passed laws that absolve corporations from reporting violations of environmental regulations to the public or law enforcement officials. "This is a direct result of the extension of Constitutional Rights to corporations. For example, because corporations benefit from Fourth Amendment rights, in many instances, they can block government regulators who lack a search warrant from performing inspections," continued Cobb.

Under the Fourth Amendment, citizens are protected against unreasonable searches and seizures. The Move to Amend coalition is working to grow grassroots support for a constitutional amendment that clearly and unequivocally states that: 1) Rights recognized under the Constitution belong to human beings only, not to artificial legal entities such as corporations or labor unions; and 2) Political campaign spending is not a form of speech protected under the First Amendment.

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