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Tant: Fitting that Human Rights Festival coincides with May Day

April 30, 2016

May Day is an international holiday commemorating the struggle and solidarity of working people around the world, but May Day has its roots planted firmly in American soil.

This year is the 130th anniversary of May Day protests in 1886 that still resonate in American history, and right here in Athens today, the spirit of May Day will echo through the downtown area at the 38th Annual Athens Human Rights Festival. Athens for Everyone, a local community activist group, will lead a Workers for Human Rights March that will step off from the festival stage on College Square at 1 p.m.

Ending corporate personhood: A bipartisan unicorn?

April 20, 2016

". . . corporations have no consciences, no beliefs, no feelings, no thoughts, no desires. Corporations help structure and facilitate the activities of human beings, to be sure, and their 'personhood' often serves as a useful legal fiction. But they are not themselves members of "We the People" by whom and for whom our Constitution was established."

            ~Supreme Court Justice Stevens, January 2010

Local response: Minnesotans deserve a vote on corporate money in state politics

February 17, 2016

The News Tribune’s Feb. 16 editorial resisted amending our Minnesota Constitution through a ballot process, as outlined in our Minnesota Constitution (Our View: “Don’t let politics alter Constitution”).

The editorial agreed that a problem exists with openness and transparency in Minnesota government but did not agree that the people should be allowed to vote to fix the problem. While the editorial may be correct that the House majority may be counted on to vote as a caucus on this effort to make Minnesota politics more open and transparent, this has gone on for far too long.

Move to Amend group get Issue 1 on ballot for Toledo voters

February 16, 2016

TOLEDO - Tuesday is the last day to register to vote in Ohio's March primary election. Toledo voters will see something new on the ballot- Issue 1.

It deals with political contributions to candidates, but the way it's written can be confusing to voters.

It states "Shall the City of Toledo support the movement to amend the U.S. Constitution to establish that corporations are not people and money is not speech and providing for annual public hearings on these topics?"

The Clash Over Campaign Cash: A debate between Move to Amend's David Cobb and McCutcheon v. FEC plaintiff Shaun McCutcheon

January 20, 2016

Tune in to here Move to Amend's David Cobb debate with Alabama businessman and plaintiff in the infamous McCutcheon v. FEC case, Shaun McCutcheon in a Clash Over Campaign Cash! 

The debate begins at 1:21:17.

MLK Day Observed on the Suncoast

January 18, 2016

"It is shameful on this celebration of Martin Luther King Jr. that we have to begin with a statement that black lives matter," said David Cobb with Move to Amend, a nonprofit organization that says their aim is to restructure society so everyone experiences their human rights. "Because of course that's true, but yet our racist country conduct itself as if it's not true."