Prop 59 will aid fight against Citizens United

August 19, 2016
Judith Wells-Walberg

Many thanks to The Mercury News for their editorial supporting Proposition 59 ("Corporations are not individual people," Editorial, Aug. 18).

As written, very importantly, Proposition 59 is an advisory to legislators that focuses on both corporate personhood (corporations are not people) and reversing the Supreme Court decision on Citizen's United (money is not speech).

Corporations have on many occasions used constitutional amendments to overturn laws that were voted on by members of communities to improve their lives and exercise their democratic rights as human beings.

Let's keep in mind that the money flowing into this election has reached $1 billion, which is outrageous. Where could that money be spent that could do some real good?

We must do something to remedy these two situations, corporate personhood and money in politics. Vote yes on Prop. 59.

Judith Wells-Walberg

Member Santa Clara County Move to Amend San Jose

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