The Proverbial Chicken Problem

May 18, 2018

Our eternal chicken/egg dilemma has always been and continues to be: "Which comes first: raising funds so we can build capacity, or building capacity so we can raise funds?" 

Either way, right now we're critically short-funded. We need you more than ever! Are you able to scratch together an extra $5, $28 or $50 a month? Click here to make a monthly contribution.

We understand times are tough all over. Organizations running short term resistance campaigns do provide immediate relief, fleeting though it is. Ours is a long term campaign, an actual war for the heart and soul of this nation. Together we've honed a vision and a plan to get there, and we've had remarkable success, especially considering how very small our budget really is. 

Move to Amend has suffered a downturn in contributions in large part because of the uptick in immediate resistance. We do not begrudge those fighting on the very real and violent frontlines, the funds they need to speak to truth to power. We support those efforts and particpate in and with them.

But resistance alone will not carry the day without a clearly articulated vision of a better future, and a plan to get there.

Move to Amend is perfectly poised to help bring democracy to the US... except we're short $87,000 and sustainable operational funding.

We all will benefit when the We the People Amendment passes -- so everyone should contribute the most you can possibly afford. Part of being sustainable is getting to the point where 100% of our operational costs are covered through small contributions. That's $50,000/month. Right now our monthly sustainer budget covers about 20% of that, which is great, but we need to do better!

107 people have already stepped forward and become new monthly donors in response -- will you please join them

It doesn't really matter which came first. The most important question now is: "What comes next?"

Together we have built a really great organization -- thanks for being part of it! Move to Amend is a thing we can all be proud of for our independence and clarity of vision; commitment to justice, democracy, and solidarity; organizing model and strategic plan.

We should also be able to say we're proud to be 100% funded by ourselves. We are, after all, the ones we have been waiting for, which includes each of us and our ability to donate the most of what we can possibly afford to creating a world which doesn't require ongoing resistance

Small donations are not chicken feed. They really add up over time and can become the most effective way to fund grassroots organizations that wish to remain independent. Move to Amend has raised over $2 million dollars since 2010 in small donations. We need to raise $150,000 this month to secure our funding through the end of the year, and we're working hard to ensure $15,000 of that is in additional monthly sustaining contributions. Please help us get there!

I could go on with corny chicken cracks (OMG!) all day, but our financial situation really is critical. All humor aside, raising the full $150,000 and increasing our sustaining contributions by the end of May are two must achieves to demonstrate that Move to Amend has what it takes to complete our strategic plan and pass the We the People Amendment. 

I know we have what it takes -- let's do this!

Thank you for being part of this movement,

Kaitlin Sopoci-Belknap
National Director

PS -- Our MayDay campaign is to raise $150,000 by the end of May to make up our budget shortfall. We hope to procur at least 10% of that funding -- $15,000 -- in additional monthly sustaining contributions. Please become a monthly donor today. If that really doesn't work for you, please make a generous one-time donation to help us meet our goal. Thank you!