Quick 3 Question Quiz!

August 27, 2012

    1.    What do the Ohio cities of Athens, Oberlin, Barberton and Cleveland Heights have in common?  ANSWER: They're passed resolutions calling on Congress to pass a constitutional amendment reversing Citizens United, abolishing "corporate personhood," ending "money as speech" or all three. Other cities are in the process of passing resolutions.

    2.    What do the communities of Newburgh Heights and Brecksville have in common. ANSWER: They are trying to place a Move to Amend ordinance on their ballot for residents to vote on this November.

    3.    What to Cincinnati, Athens, Columbus, Defiance, Toledo, Summit Co., Medina, Fremont, Brecksville, and Cleveland all have in common? ANSWER: They all have Move to Amend affiliates or partner groups. If you've living in or near these communities, join in! Your help is needed (go to www.movetoamend.org for a list of contacts).  If you aren't living in any of those communities, start an affiliate or join as an organizational partner in your county, city, town or village.  Contact ohio [at] movetoamend.org for help. We have resources, names of people who've signed the national Move to Amend petition, and ideas/suggestions of what other people and groups are doing. Ohio is tied for second (with Washington, only behind California) in having the most Move to Amend affiliates/partner groups (10) of any state in the nation!