The Real Democracy on March 15th

March 9, 2016

The corrupting influence of money in politics is one of the top issues of this presidential campaign season — which is exactly what our petition seeks to fundamentally solve. We can't wait for a politicians to do the right thing! Instead we have to do the hard work of building a grassroots movement as part of Move to Amend!  
If you’re going to vote next Tuesday, please consider spending sometime after you cast your vote collecting signatures at your polling place in Cleveland. Voters on March 15 should be very receptive to sign your petition. On the last election we got nearly 1000 signatures in one day and we are hoping to more next Tuesday.
If you are interested in helping out just email Cleveland [at] We have volunteers coordinating each ward throughout the city. You don't have to live in Cleveland to help.
Also, if you do decide to petition continue to ask enthusiastic signers to circulate their own petition. Just write down their name, address, phone number and email on a separate sheet of paper and we’ll send them a petition with instructions and talking points.  
Thanks for your help. This is what democracy looks like!
-Cleveland Move to Amend