Reforming Money in Politics

September 1, 2015

Do you wonder how can we address the influence and corruption that money brings to the political process, particularly since the Citizens United and McCutcheon rulings of the Supreme Court?

Come to a Community Forum sponsored by the Jefferson County League of Women Voters (LWV) and the Port Townsend Leader, 5:30 pm at the Port Townsend Community Center.

The Panel will feature:

  • Jackie Aase, Chair of the Jeff Co LWV, and member of a State LWV committee on reforming money in politics.
  • John Collins, PhD, Political Science, Emeritus Professor at Seattle University's Institute of Public Service.
  • Congressman Derek Kilmer, co-sponsor of the Disclose Act and the Restoring Integrity to America's Elections Act.
  • Diane Jones, the State Coordinator of WAmend, who are collecting signatures for I-735, an initiative to the legislature urging our state Congressional delegation to propose a federal Constitutional amendment clarifying that corporations do not have the constitutional rights of people and that money is not speech.