Release the Hounds: Making Government Serve "We the People"

October 25, 2012

While Move to Amend affiliates have had great success in passing resolutions, some affiliates have been stone-walled by local elected officials who don’t believe there is a problem or are afraid to rattle corporate cages for fear of reprisals.

Election Day gives us the opportunity to realign city and county councils and commissions, as well as the state legislatures, so they are friendlier to small “d” democracy and willing to stand up for “we the people.”

With Election Day just weeks away, now is the time to step up bird-dogging efforts at debates and public appearances--especially for local and state candidates. We want to get the candidates on record about where they stand on corporate personhood, money is speech, and passing a Constitutional amendment to end both practices.

Click here for tips on bird-dogging effectively.

From taxes, water sewer, and other municipal services to education, economic, environmental and development issues, local government generally impacts our lives more than the federal government does. It is also easier (cheaper) for corporations and the wealthy to influence these officials; how your city, county, and state candidates feel about corporate power is extremely relevant to our cause.

For decades, Americans have been frightened into submitting to “the lesser of two evils” approach to voting. And for decades, corporations have usurped more and more rights meant for human beings, no matter which of the two major parties have been in power.

We hope you will resist this argument, and summon the bravery demonstrated by our founders, who put their very lives on the line when they signed the Declaration of Independence, the Sons of Liberty, the minute-men, all other patriots who fought a war for our independence, and every other American who has sacrificed in order to gain and ensure our rights, by voting for candidates -- from the broad spectrum of parties -- who not only support our position, but who will also fight for the best interests of their human constituents.