Repair Party

A new political organization aimed at replacing the national and state Congresses and President with people who know that their constituents are paying them and therefore must represent the majority view of those constituents in most cases.
Reasons for our existence: Immoral laws - 1. NC passed a law stating that frackers who poison people near their operations will tell the EMT's what poison they are putting in the water supply but if the EMT's tell anyone else, they have broken a law and will be punished.
2. It is now illegal to take videos of workers at industrial farm operations who are abusing animals. Since it is illegal to abuse animals, this law MAKES IT ILLEGAL TO REPORT A CRIME.
3. NC passed a law making it illegal for the police to make public any videos where an unarmed black man is shot and killed by a policeman (the last guy was carrying a book and we all know how dangerous a weapon a book is). Is that a law any reasonable person (even the chief of police) would want to have to obey? If so then coverup has been established for each and every shooting.

Bob Snider, Chairman

San Diego , CA
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