Resolutions Week: Resolve to Amend! June 11-15

Wednesday, March 7, 2012 to Friday, June 15, 2012

Organize in Your Home Town for a Constitutional Amendment to Overturn Citizens United and Limit Campaign Contributions and Corporate Power

Since the Move to Amend coalition launched in 2010, our grassroots activists have successfully passed dozens of community resolutions declaring public support for a constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United v. FEC by establishing that a corporation is not a person, and money is not speech!

Move to Amend organizers won these efforts through both city council resolutions and citizen's initiatives placed directly before voters.

This spring, we’re planning a push to pass 100 new local resolutions calling for a constitutional amendment. Will you join us?

Partnering with other ally organizations, we’ll work with you to hold organizing meetings, conduct outreach to supportive local officials and generate media attention for your local resolution efforts.

Our goal is to have a critical mass of resolutions introduced the week of June 11th, including many new resolutions directed by city councils to go on local ballots this November.

Would you like to help organize your community to push for a local resolution calling for an amendment as part of "Resolutions Week" (June 11th-15th)?

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