Salt Lake City Move to Amend Launches Petition Drive for Ballot Resolution

February 8, 2012
Eric Peterson
Salt Lake City will hold a launch meeting Wednesday of a local branch of the national Move to Amend movement, a group that will be working to collect petitions from 50 cities arguing that despite the Supreme Court’s ruling on the controversial Citizens United cases, corporations aren’t people and money doesn’t equal free speech.

Salt Lake City’s new Move to Amend chapter recently had an application for a citywide ballot petition approved, and now they will be working feverishly to collect 9,000 signatures from Salt Lake City residents who chafe at the idea that corporations are considered people and can now provide unlimited donations to Super PACs, or the controversial Political Action Committees that have drawn criticism for gaming the system in the current presidential election, when a company was able to donate $1 million to a Super PAC and then dissolve before it had to disclose on public documents who the company executives were.

Since overturning the Supreme Court decision would require a Constitutional amendment, it’s going to take a grass-roots revolution to push it on.

“The task before us is big and beautiful,” writes group organizer Ashley Sanders in a press release, “to educate, agitate, and mobilize thousands of people to rise up and reclaim their democracy.”

Check it out, Wednesday, Feb. 8, 6-9 p.m., at the Salt Lake City Main Library, 210 E. 400 South, Conference Room B.


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