Saturday, October 18, Courthouse Plaza

October 15, 2014

Northern Arizona Move To Amend

is throwing a party, and YOU are invited!

Here are the details:

Who?         YOU!

What?      ∞ Street theater.  (Actors provided).  Marching on sidewalks and through intersections, carrying signs and chanting and singing as a group.  (Signs provided; police notified of our plans.)

When?       Saturday, October 18th   Orientation at 12:45 p.m.  Skits and marches until 2:00 p.m.

Where?     Courthouse Plaza.  Gurley Street (north) side of plaza, midway up sidewalk leading to courthouse steps, where there are flags and a statue.

Why?  §  To raise public awareness of dark, anonymous money in campaigns.  Super-PACs and the super-wealthy are purchasing our government.  §  To educate the public that U.S. Constitutional Amendment(s) are necessary to establish fundamentally that:

1.  Money spent on elections is not the free speech protected by the First Amendment.

2.  Corporations (both for-profit and non-profit) and labor unions are not entitled to certain constitutional rights to include freedom of speech.

Want to know more?  Visit to learn about this national movement.

EVEN MORE INFORMATION:  You will receive ready-made signs to carry (please do not bring your own signs).  We will practice a few catchy chants to get us in the mood.  As part of the demonstration, we plan to stage a repeating skit complete with costumes and a team of actors/hecklers!

" politics, nothing is permanent, not even enemies."

(from A Fighting Chance by Elizabeth Warren)