The Save America Now Project

Empowering America with the power to overcome the money that pollutes U.S. Politics

The Save America Now Project is a new program initiative designed to educate voters on the reality of U.S. Politics. This project plans to inspire our nation by showing them how fun and easy it really is to remove the big money politicians while finding election leaders who will vote for the will of the people over their big money donors. By showing America a simple 3 step plan that can and will work, we intend to help people rise up and seize the power they truly have while giving them all the tools they need to succeed.

We believe in collaborative efforts and the reason we exist is to give organizations like Move to Amend a voice by helping put leaders into U.S. Office that will actually pass the laws the American people want. America needs elected official with the vision, drive and creativity to solve the problems their predecessors created. Together we can easily overcome the big money that has polluted the well of democracy.

The time to change has come...

We proudly support this organization and all those who share their same desire. America's future depends on us finding and electing the right U.S. leaders to run one of the most powerful nations in the world.

We are just going to show you how easy it really is to overcome those who have oppressed the will of the people for far too long. The solutions are so simple, you're going to wonder why we haven't done this years ago.

Our time has come to change the game forever and you can make it happen...

And we'll show you how!

Newport , RI
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