Save Net Neutrality & Stop the Privatization of the Virtual Commons!

December 6, 2017

In these messages, we regularly discuss the connections between corporate constitutional rights and the inability of government to address increasingly devastating environmental, economic, and social justice issues. At the core of every issue is a corporation, wielding rights intended only for human beings. 

We often say:

"If abolishing corporate constitutional rights isn't your first issue, it should be your second!"

Today, we’re saying to you: 

"If Net Neutrality isn't your first issue, it should be your second!"

[Move to Amend is in full support of Net Neutrality and protection of the virtual commons. We encourage you to stand in solidarity with the Battle for Net Neutrality Coalition on Thursday, December  7, at a Verizon location near you.

In six short minutes, Thom Hartmann connects the dots between democracy, net neutrality and fascism (at 2 mins.)

Three reasons why you should attend the Verizon potest: 

  • Move to Amend is completely dependent on the Internet to perform our work, as are so many of our brothers and sisters in the struggle. We all would likely be targeted for the slow lane, making it harder and harder for us to accomplish our missions.
  • Our analysis around corporate rule and building democracy, and its intersection with Net Neutrality, is singular and a necessary element for a long-term solution to protecting the commons, both virtual and real.
  • Solidarity. More than ever, it's imperative we stand shoulder to shoulder with others in the fight for real democracy. This time we're protecting free speech and the commons. 

Why do we have to keep fighting this fight over and over again?

Fifty years have passed since the last time Congress addressed the national communication network, with the 1964 Telecommunications Act. It is way past time for an update. The problem is the money trail that leads from the media conglomerate to the treasuries of our elected officials is also likely to lead to actual legislation in favor of the corporations over We the People, if it could even get a hearing in this or any recent Congress. We are left with an outdated regulatory process at the whim of each new administration.

Click here to find a Verizon event near you! 

There’s so much happening right now that needs our attention. The pressure to be in multiple places at once is overwhelming. We recognize you’re plate is likely full, and we ask you to keep it spinning for a while longer. We pray it won’t drop, but Net Neutrality is that important. Please click here for details.