Senators, Hear Us Now

May 21, 2018

Next month our volunteers for will be meeting with Congressional members in both the House and Senate for Move to Amend Lobby Day to discuss co-sponsorship of the We the People Amendment.

Please call both your Senators today and ask them to introduce the We the People Amendment in the Senate.

(WHAT TO SAY: "I'm calling to ask Senator ______ to introduce a companion resolution to House Joint Resolution 48." That's it! Please call BOTH of your Senators).

Our work remains centered on community and state based grassroots organizing to help build a democracy movementcapable of forcing passage of the We the People Amendment and creating authentic participatory democracy. It's exactly that kind of organizing that enabled us to surpass our 2018 House co-sponsorship target (the goal was 45, we are at 56!)

Help us reach our next goal to get introduction of the We the People Amendment in the Senate with 5-10 co-sponsors.

It's time to make some noise! Please contact your Senators by telephone and ask them to introduce the We the People Amendmentin the Senate!

The constant drumbeat of constituent voices through myriad communication channels, including personal visits, has been the key to our success in the House. As long as we all keep singing in the same key, Senators will hear our voices as well. If we're going to hit our Senate goal, we need to start singing, very loudly, right now.

Please contact your Senators by telephone and ask them to introduce the We the People Amendment in the Senate!

By the time our awesome volunteers hit the halls of Congress onJune 11 for our Lobby Day, we hope that U.S. Senators will be familiar with our refrain. Please let your Senators know where you stand on the We the People Amendment and that you expect your elected representatives in the Senate to stand with you.

Please call your Senators ASAP TODAY.

If we all do our part, it won't be long before some Senators begin to sing along. 

Yours in the movement,

Kaitlin Sopoci-Belknap
National Director, Move to Amend

P.S. Join me tomorrow, Tuesday, May 22 for our next Why the World Needs Move to Amend Webinar.