September 2015 Monthly Report

September 30, 2015

Toledo City Council failed to Act upon our proposed Move to Amend Democracy Day ordinance by August 24 and, by City Charter rules, our ballot issue was submitted back to the Board of Elections.  It’s now confirmed that we will be on the March 15, 2016 Presidential Primary Election ballot.

We are now developing a campaign plan including fundraising, gathering endorsements, publicity, and contacting likely primary voters through a combination of canvassing and phone banking. Near term efforts include setting up a campaign account/treasurer, creating a campaign plan, getting union and political party endorsements, and preliminary fundraising.

In late August and early September, we secured two big endorsements: Greater Northwest Ohio AFL-CIO & UAW Region 2B.  We intend to leverage those to get various other union endorsements.  We are also starting to recruit active political party and union organizers to our campaign.

We are working on getting a Pledge to Amend questionnaire out to the 7 Toledo mayoral candidates asking them for their  position on our ballot initiative.  We will start the public effort with a Press Conference or Release and publish the results of the effort via Press Release before the Nov 4 election.

Outreach:  We created a rainbow MTA banner and marched in the Pride Parade and we marched in the Labor Day parade as a guest of the local Jobs with Justice Affiliate.  Working on participation in the holiday parade late in November.

Over the next 5 months we will primarily be focused on developing and implementing our campaign strategy, but will also be working on public outreach, education, and networking.