September: Michigan Barnstorming Tour with Greg Coleridge

August 13, 2019

Move to Amend is barnstorming through Michigan, and we're coming to a town near you! Catch a talk in your area, and learn how you can get involved in the campaign to end corporate personhood and demand real democracy!

Join Greg Coleridge, Outreach Director of Move to Amend, for a talk entitled "We the People vs. Corporate Rule: It’s Up to Us!" Part history lesson, part call-to-action, Greg’s presentation explores how corporations having constitutional rights is the roadblock to the meaningful solutions we seek in healthcare, education, climate change, workers rights, clean air and water, community rights, and much more. Greg addresses what can be done locally to overturn this trend to reverse the Citizens United Supreme Court decision and end corporate constitutional rights and money as political speech.

Click the links below for event location and contact info. All events are listed in Eastern Time.

Tuesday, September 17th - Ann Arbor, MI - 7:00-9:00PM

Detroit - TBA

Grand Rapids - TBA

Lansing - TBA

All events are free and open to the general public! We appreciate your donations to help us finance these tours, but no one will be turned away for lack of funds.

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If you are planning to attend, please post on our rideshare board so that folks can get together to carpool to the events.

For more information contact Milly Harmon, Move to Amend Barnstorming Coordinator at barnstorming [at] or call 916-318-8040.