Shaker Heights Democracy Day Is September 9

August 28, 2019
Chris Mosby

SHAKER HEIGHTS, OH — Shaker Heights' second Democracy Day will be held Monday, September 9, the city announced. Residents will be able to advocate against money in politics and discuss many other issues that day.

Democracy Day was established after voters approved a petition-led ballot measure in November 2016. The event is held every two years and must be held within 90 days of the November general election.

On September 9, the city will hold a public hearing in Council Chambers at Shaker Heights City Hall, 3400 Lee Road. Attendees will be given up to five minutes each to speak.

During the session, attendees can voice their opinions on the initiative's support to amend the U.S. Constitution to establish that only human beings (not corporations) are legal persons and that money does not represent free speech. The initial founders of Democracy Day wanted to limit political contributions and ensure that spending did not equate to political speech.

The ordinance that created Democracy Day, and was approved by voters, is available online at

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