Sherrod Brown Deputy Meets with Greater Akron MTA Leadership

March 23, 2018

Sherrod Brown Gets It!  Beth Thames, Deputy State Director for Sherrod Brown, met with several MTA activists at a Cuyahoga Falls home on March 23.  In an open letter, Senator Brown had asked for support to end Citizens United to reduce the driving force of money in politics.  In this meeting we agreed but acknowledged that Citizens United is only half the problem and emphasized that MTA is the only organization proposing an amendment to change Citizens United AND corporate personhood.  We cited studies clearly demonstrating the power and corruption of money in politics and the corresponding loss of power for a vast majority of our voters. Visit for more information.

We concluded with an “ask” for Senator Brown to sponsor the Senate version of HJR48, the We the People 28th Amendment to the Constitution.  We urge our friends to contact Senator Brown to encourage him to sponsor the We the People Amendment.