Shine the light on Move to Amend at Dark Money film screenings

July 7, 2018

Dark Money is a new documentary that examines the growing influence of secret corporate money on elections -- made worse by the Supreme Court's Citizen United decision (

The film is being screened all over the country prior to its airing on PBS in September. A list of  screenings this summer is at The film's director, Kimberly Reed, has expressed support for Move to Amend. She will be attending some of the screenings.

Film screenings offer many educational and organizing opportunities to shed light about Move to Amend and our We the People Amendment, H.J.R. 48.

Here's a list of possible actions to consider if a showing is scheduled near you:

1. Contact the venue where the film is being shown and ask to have a Move to Amend speakerprior to the film and/or discussion with a MTA representative or wider panel following the screening. Panel discussions have been regular features of screenings this spring at various film festivals across the country.

2. Request a Move to Amend table in the lobby of the venue for petitioning and information. We can supply materials if needed.

3. Distribute information and circulate the MTA Motion to Amend petition outside of the venue (if you don't receive permission to be inside) to those going into and coming out of the film screening.

4. Reserve a room at a nearby space to the venue (e.g. library, restaurant or coffeehouse) for a post-film discussion. Either announce the discussion opportunity at the end of the film (even if it means shouting it out!) or distribute flyers as people enter or exit the venue.

5. Spread the word about the film screening(s) via email and social media.

Dark Money documents the undemocratic impact of political contributions from undefined sources. It powerfully underlines the importance of our call for a constitutional amendment to abolish political money defined as First Amendment-protected "free speech," including "dark money" from corporate entities. Move to Amend's We the People Amendment, however, doesn't stop there.

As more people become enlightened about the negative impacts of corporations beyond their influence in elections (thanks to scores of activist Supreme Court decisions hijacking other parts of the U.S. Constitution), it's increasingly obvious that creating real democracy must including ending all corporate constitutional rights -- the second part of our We the People Amendment.

Make sure to shine the light of Move to Amend and our quest to abolish ALL never-intended corporate constitutional rights at Dark Money screenings in your area!