South Central Wisconsin Move to Amend

February 26, 2012 ~ Madison, WI-based South Central Wisconsin Move to Amend (SCWMTA) was one of Move to Amend's first affiliates. In part because of the years of organizing by Madison, WI based Liberty Tree Foundation, and other pro democracy organizations, Madison is a fertile ground for MTA organizing.

SCWMTA put together a well-organized local group that quickly formed a campaign to collect signatures to get a measure on the ballot in the spring of 2011. The group collected over 15,000 signatures and went on to win the measure on the Madison ballot in April 2011 by 82%, serving as a model for communities across the nation seeking to educate their voters about the amendment campaign. Now SCWMTA is engaged in continued community education and assisting surrounding Wisconsin communities launch their own MTA Affiliates.

Pictured: Members of SCWMTA marching in Madison's St. Paddy's Day Parade in 2011.


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