Speak Out Against the TPP and Global Corporate Rule Sat 11/8

November 4, 2014

The Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP)has been under secret negotiation for a few years and, with the help of over 600 corporate advisors, according to leaks and those who have seen it, it has little to do with trade but rather puts corporate profit above national standards and laws. Our president has called in the past for Fast Track Authority from Congress to push this through without chance for amendments or serious discussions. We need to spread the word and demand our congressional representatives disapprove any fast tracking and demand some transparency. As part of a national week of action (http://www.flushthetpp.org/nov-8-to-14-week-of-action-to-stop-fast-track/) , help prevent further corporate takeover of our government and join us for a rally and informational leafleting in downtown Delray. 12 noon Sat 11/8/14 Corner of Swinton and Atlantic Aves Delray Beach FL 33444