Tips for Making Your Stampede to Amend Event Media Friendly

  • Pick one hour of your event to invite the press, rather than inviting them to the entire thing.  The hour should be the time when there will be the best opportunity to interview spokespeople and have the best photo ops i.e. seeing the Amend-o-Matic in action. 
  • Choose a time for your media event that is media-friendly.  Weekday mornings are ideal; followed by weekdays before 5; followed by Saturdays; followed by Sundays.  Evenings can be hard to get press to show up.
  • Make sure that you have identified spokespeople who are willing and able to speak to the press, and who understand what the Stampede to Amend is all about. Here are some talking points to help you stay on message.
  • Having a high-profile person/activist or local celebrity at your event will help attract media attention. Reach out in advance and try to get a commitment so that this could be included into your pitch to local media.  If you do get someone high profile to come to your event, provide them with these talking points.
  • If you plan on making pitch calls to attract media to your event, call television news directors the day before or the morning of the event. Reach out to news reporters/bloggers/radio stations 2-3 days in advance of the event.
  • Make sure the local media contact person has a cell phone and answers it prior to and throughout your event. This name and number should be listed on your media advisory.  This does not have to be the same person as your local media spokesperson.
  • If your event is outside try to have a back-up plan for bad weather, and list this on your media advisory so that press can easily find you.